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Educational Tools

The videos below are offered free of charge to all visitors/members of Eternea courtsey of Dr. Mark Pitstick

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Death And Afterlife: Is There Life After Death? (Parts 1 and 2). Dr. Mark Pitstick

Learn much documented clinical, scientific, and empirical (based on firsthand experience) evidence that no one really dies. Yes, the physical body dies, but that is much less than 1% of who and what you are. The rest—all the love, energy, consciousness, intelligence, and uniqueness—clearly survives bodily death.

Who Am I And Why Am I Here? Dr. Mark Pitstick

Have you ever looked up at the stars—or the ceiling—and wondered who you are and why you’re here? These answers are based on our best current understandings from afterlife and consciousness studies.

Why Did God Take My Child Away? Dr. Mark Pitstick

This common and heart-breaking question calls for sensible, evidence-based answers. The answers are also helpful for anyone who has “lost” a beloved one—person or pet—and wonders why.

Heaven And Hell -- What Are They Really? Dr. Mark Pitstick

Many people have understandably rejected ancient notions of a heaven way up in the sky and hell deep within the earth’s core. Various wisdom sources and contemporary research paint a different picture about these concepts

What Happens to Those Who Commit Suicide? Dr. Mark Pitstick

Suicide affects family and friends so deeply and thy want to know what happens to those who end their earth-experience. Can they go to heaven? Will they see each other again? Learn reassuring and evidence-based answers to your questions.

Irene’s Healing - Suzanne Giesemann

A mother receives messages of hope from her deceased daughter and an unexpected healing.

Messages of Your Magnificence - Suzanne Giesemann

Experience the Love and Truth that Suzanne shared with the Center for Spiritual Living Dallas on Sunday, April 12, 2015. Use her beautiful affirmation from that Sunday …

I am magnificent, for I am part of Magnificence itself!
Seeing with the eyes of the soul,
I look upon all that I see and declare:
“Oh, God! There You are!.

Messages of Faith, Hope and Love - Suzanne Giesemann

‘Loving with no compromise’ is a documentary series that interviews loving couples from all walks of life and from around the world. These couples, who are utterly committed to each other, nonetheless remain authentic to their true selves. The goal at Love Works Productions is to create an awareness of what makes a healthy, loving relationship. Ty and Suzanne were honored to be interviewed by CEO of this love-inspired project, Claudia Virga. CLICK HERE  to see more details about Love Works Productions

Suzanne Giesemann discusses “The Miracle of Christ Consciousness”:

Retired U.S. Navy Commander and “messenger of hope” Suzanne Giesemann shared this heart-felt and important message about our oneness with All That Is when she served as guest speaker at First Unity of St. Petersburg, FL, on December 1, 2013.

Everything is Energy - Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann shares a fun moment that shows how music can literally lift our spirits.

What is “Love Centered Living” (2 Parts) - Suzanne Giesemann

With humor, heart-felt emotion, and messages from the other side, author and inspirational speaker Suzanne Giesemann shares how to grow your angel wings here and now. Be sure to watch Part 2 below for Suzanne’s impactful ending.