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About the Onderful-World Society

Blue Butterfly Eternea’s Onderful-World Society is comprised of high net worth individuals, major philanthropists and benefactors, celebrities, top athletes, as well as prominent corporate and political leaders from around the world. Patrons contributing major gifts and help promote Eternea's cause to the general public are eligible for General Membership in the Onderful-World Society.

Top benefactors are eligible to serve as Governors on the Society’s International Board of Governors and are known as “Governors”.  Governors are eligible to hold officer positions in affiliated Community Guilds at the local level. The International Board of Governors oversees and provides leadership to the Society as a whole. It also has direct input concerning organizational policies and priorities through voting representation on Eternea’s Executive Council.   

The Society is primarily focused on growing Eternea’s inviolable Frontier Science Endowment Fund through periodic goal-oriented capital campaigns and major fund-raising events such black tie galas, high-end auctions, golf tournaments lecture series, , private dinner parties, salons,  and the like. Annual interest proceeds from the Frontier Science Endowment Fund are used to support research, education and practical outreach initiatives sponsored by Eternea consistent with its mission and vision. The Society sponsors formation of Community Guilds at the local level. Guilds engage in Love in Action initiatives, local fund-raising events, membership recruitment efforts and various kinds of educational endeavors.

The Chairperson of the International Board of Governors is elected by annually by fellow Governors. The International Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the Onderful-World Society serves as a voting member of Eternea’s Executive Council. Also, the General Membership in each country elects a national President each year from among eligible Governors in each particular country. Additionally, Community Guilds are led by a President at the local level, elected each year by General Members of the Society at the local level from among eligible Governors in that particular locale.

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International Board of Governors & Local Community Chapters

Members of the Onderful-World Society are stewards and ambassadors of Eternea, offering their diverse talents and perspectives to enliven its vision and mission. Functioning as friend-raisers and fund-raisers, they play a significant role in energizing, sustaining and growing Eternea for the benefit of all earth’s inhabitants.

Members of the Society come from many countries and backgrounds. They share several qualities:

  • They have a passion for Eternea’s mission and vision
  • They are leaders modeling Eternea’s principles for others
  • They are relationship-builders in their communities and around the world
  • They are personal supporters through their major gifts, participation in programs, and investment of time to develop its resources and infrastructure

Overview of Responsibilities, Expectations and Benefits

  • Members of the Society contribute substantially to Eternea and its Frontier Science Endowment Fund. They make significant annual gifts and/or planned gifts to aid the cause.
  • Members are invited to attend or participate in programs produced by Eternea or by its affiliates and collaborators.
  • Members are invited to attend special events such as private lectures or dinners exclusively for them.
  • Members recommend programming, policies and priorities for adoption by Eternea.
  • Members participate in fund raising activities, whether hosting events privately, or volunteering and networking on behalf of Eternea for special events, or by making individual calls on friends and colleagues, or by encouraging planned gifts, or by other creative and attractive means to engage prospective donors and friends for Eternea.

Gift GuideGift Guidelines

For more information about General Membership in the Onderful-World Society , please contact John Audette directly at 305-785-8964.

If you are interested in organizing a Community Chapter in your area, please click here