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Scientific Approach

Since the dawn of time enlightened humans have been trying to understand the meaning of existence and our personal relationship with it all. When doing so inevitably we run into the problem of the reconciling between the private, subjective "first person" view of mental life and the observable so called objective "third person" view of external reality. Clearly our consciousness is intimately involved with both of these often conflicting yet complementary views on the nature our existence. So if we want to understand the nature of reality and our place in it we better understand the nature of consciousness itself.

In the modern era the prevailing view is that our consciousness is an epiphenomena or by-product of brain processes. Discover how the brain works and the interconnections between the parts and you figure out the basis for our consciousness. In this view we are nothing more than biological machines programmed to do whatever nature and evolution has programed us to do. This would imply that there is no meaning or purpose to our lives and that we are here as a result of some random acts of nature. However this view does not sit well with our subjective consciousness as it creates a huge conflict with our innate and intuitive spiritual understanding of our connection to all of creation.

Increasingly the evidence is growing that some aspect of our consciousness can transcend the natural boundary of our physical body and our normal sensory perceptual mechanisms. Since the early 1900’s it has been known that consciousness can affect the outcome of various experiments at the subatomic, atomic and molecular level. More recently evidence is also accumulating that consciousness affect material objects at the macro (larger scale sizes) as well.

So called psychic phenomenon has been studied extensively in the laboratory where consciousness influences material objects outside of the body with results that occur way beyond what would be expected by random chance. The literature is full of anecdotal stories of mind to mind connections between individuals that have a strong emotional bond especially during times of stressful or dramatic events. More recently we have seen a significant increase in transcendent or spiritually transformative experiences such as NDEs. Is this due to better reporting and perhaps partially to modern medicine and its incredible capability to resuscitate those who most likely would not have survived in earlier times? Have these phenomena always existed? Surveying the historic literature, we believe that the answer is clearly yes.

Taken all together, evidence is becoming overwhelming that our consciousness is much more than our modern mainstream scientific world view can account for. If consciousness can extend its influence outside the confines of the body, is it much of a leap to consider whether some aspect of it also survives bodily death? More to the point, perhaps our modern understanding of nature is not correct; it is not just matter and energy that are fundamental in nature but, instead, matter, energy and consciousness.  

Throughout all of history people have be reporting extraordinary experiences, great insights and a connection to something that was much larger than just themselves. They did the best to explain their experiences but since most were well beyond everyday experience, words could not even begin to describe them. Instead they did their best to relate their experiences and insights to the prevailing paradigms and understanding of human knowledge that existed at the time. They often spoke in metaphor and allegory. Some were so persuasive and influential that whole cultures were influenced by them and, in some cases, religions eventually sprang from them.

Given that humanity’s modern understanding of nature and the phenomena alluded to above, we at Eternea believe that the time is long overdue to investigate the subjective and objective aspects of our consciousness and their relationship to objective reality. This must be done by applying the rigor of modern scientific methods of investigation. To that end Eternea is focusing on the softer aspects of consciousness such as subjective human experience including the transformational and survival aspects of it and the implications of these experiences to ourselves and to the human condition. This is the driving force behind Eternea’s research program.

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