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Synopsis of Services & Programs

Global Constituency

Eternea offers assistance, support and resources to serve the needs of the following individuals:

  •   Those who have undergone or desire to undergo spiritually transformative experiences;
  •   Those who are facing bodily death;
  •   Those who are grieving and bereaved;
  •   Those who are contemplating suicide;
  •   Spiritual seekers, agnostics, atheists and the devout looking for new insights and knowledge;
  •   Scholars, intellectuals, academicians, researchers and scientists;
  •   Theologians, members of the clergy and all the religions of the world;
  •   Interested members of the general public motivated to learn, love and grow.

Educational Initiatives

Eternea sponsors regular thematic lectures, workshops, conferences, seminars and symposia on topics germane to its mission and vision in responsive service to all segments of its constituency. Some events are strictly for scientists, researchers, academicians, scholars and intellectuals. Others are intended and designed for the general public. Eternea also serves as a comprehensive source of information and referral. Moreover, it provides a wealth of pertinent material such as books, journals, magazines, articles, reprints, CDs, DVDs and the like. It also engages in broad-based public awareness campaigns using social media, leading edge digital technologies and other means to convey important information consistent with and pursuant to its mission and vision.

Research Initiatives

Eternea sponsors rigorous scientific research concerning spiritually transformative experiences, as well as the physics of consciousness and the interactions between consciousness and physical reality (e.g. matter and energy). It conducts direct research and also provides grants to fund the work of top caliber scientists, with and without institutional affiliations. Research priorities and protocols are promulgated by Eternea’s Frontier Science Forum, which adheres to scientific methods of investigation when possible. Specific research priorities include cross-cultural, longitudinal, ethnographic and prospective studies focused on spiritually transformative experiences of all types, as well as research into the physics of consciousness, notably the non-local qualities of consciousness, the survival of consciousness after bodily death, and the influence of consciousness on matter and energy.

Applied Programmatic Initiatives

Eternea operates under the axiom of being the change it wishes to see in the world (ie. leading by example). Eternea’s work is predicated on the central premise that we are all, in a very real sense, interconnected eternal beings surrounded by infinite potential and that the ultimate ideal of existence is to love one another unconditionally. Eternea champions the consistent abiding practice of this version of the Golden Rule: Love all things unconditionally; bring only unconditional love to all things; be unconditional love in action at all times. To bring this philosophy into practice in everyday life, Eternea sponsors various practical programmatic initiatives. Examples include the following:

  1. Loving Each Other Global Campaign (LEO)  This program teaches people how to love one another. It gives practical guidance and advice, as well as feasible strategies, tools and methods to help people learn how to love.
  2. Love in Action  (LIA)  This program brings Eternea’s philosophy to the local level through Community Chapters under the aegis of Friends of Eternea which organizes “random acts of kindness campaigns”, support groups, etc.
  3. Promoting the Convergence of Science & Spirituality (Convergence)  The central cornerstone of all the world’s great religions and spiritual traditions is the teaching that human beings should love one another. This convergence is fully compatible with recent findings of quantum physics, frontier science investigations and research into spiritually transformative experiences and the physics of consciousness. It is the common ground upon which religion, science and spirituality can converge. Eternea sponsors specific initiatives intentionally designed to facilitate this convergence.

Ford more details please also Educational Programs  and Research Programs