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The mission of Eternea is to support and engage in scientific research, public education and practical programmatic initiatives to further awareness and acceptance of the fact that eternal existence in some form or manner is a fundamental reality for all living things as an inherent quality of nature. Eternea endeavors to contribute to a profound transformation in human nature, behavior, values, perceptions and consciousness by promoting comprehension of this reality as pervasive throughout the whole of creation. Eternea reasons that recognition of eternal existence as a basic fact of life on a broad scale could have enormous implications for positive social change around the world, thereby dramatically improving the human condition.

Eternea aspires to accomplish its mission through promotion of unity, oneness, harmony, collaboration, cooperation, cohesion and resonance, which are rudimentary cornerstones in natural order for the realization of successful and sustainable outcomes. This insight is predicated firmly upon scientific findings concerning both the macro (cosmological) and micro (quantum) levels of observation. In this manner, Eternea hopes to provide humankind with an analytical, scientific and intellectual basis to adopt the firm conviction that discrete individual consciousness survives physical death and qualitatively evolves throughout eternity while bearing ultimate responsibility and accountability for individual deeds and actions directed at others and oneself. By undertaking this mission and the strategies underlying it, Eternea hopes to promote the greater good of humanity by serving as an effective catalyst for the overall advancement of human civilization.