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Loving Each Other (LEO) Global Campaign

   "Someday, aftering mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."

Pierrre Teilhard de Chardin

Eternea’s “Loving Each Other” Global Campaign ( LEO) is a coordinated effort to encourage greater kindness, caring, sensitivity, compassion, generosity and selfless service to others throughout the world. It is an effort to help stimulate the evolution of human nature as the best available means to engender a more advanced civilization for the betterment of the species and all earth’s inhabitants. Refinement of human nature would trigger dramatic improvement in the human condition and would also favorably transform the nature of social, political and economic systems. It would elevate human civilization to a new level, perhaps to the extent that our highest utopian aspirations would be realized.  

            LEO is named after and dedicated to the memory and work of the late Dr. Leo Buscaglia, whose  life example and teachings on the subject of loving one another is a great inspiration to us all, worthy of emulation by every human being. LEO seeks to help replace egocentrism, greed and selfishness with kindness, goodness, compassion, altruism and beneficence. It aspires to replace the model of “every man for himself” with the model of “all for one and one for all,” which could be the foundation for creating a sustainable optimal future for earth and all its inhabitants.

            Through its work, Eternea endeavors to impart a new understanding and perception of reality to people around the world, one that is rooted in sound science, and one that gives new insight into who we really are as human beings and why we are really here, which is to love one another. Love is the answer. Love works. Love heals. Love is the way. All things in the cosmos without exception respond favorably to love. There is no greater power or force. It is the underlying firmament for all of creation. 

            To describe LEO in a single sentence, it is appropriate to quote the wisdom of Gandhi, who once observed that to change the world, one must become the living example of the change one wishes to see take place in the world. By being the change it would like to see in the world, Eternea hopes to serve as a catalyst for the advancement of human civilization.

            On a pragmatic level, LEO will organize “love in action” programs all over the world emphasizing broad-based community service initiatives and practical forms of assistance to needy individuals. This work will be reinforced and supplemented by Eternea’s Community Chapters under the aegis of Friends of Eternea, the Board of Governors Guild and the STE Forum. Moreover, in tandem with Eternea’s Community Chapters, LEO will organize workshops and support groups designed to give individuals the resources, tools and strategies they need to learn how to love one another unconditionally and to consistently manifest the practice of unconditional love in their daily lives.

            Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and many great sages before her, taught that life’s true meaning and purpose is to love one another unconditionally. From contemplative observation of that which is found everywhere in nature, it appears that the organizing principle of the universe is unconditional love. Furthermore, it seems axiomatic that the prime directive of nature to all living things is to learn, grow and evolve into a state where one becomes a complete and continuous manifestation of unconditional love.

            When all aspects of creation, i.e., all that which is exists in the universe, become the full, complete, total and constant manifestation of unconditional love, then the perfection of all things will be realized. Once this state is achieved, the universe will fulfill and satisfy its prime directive and reason for being. When this occurs, a state of complete and total perfection will be manifested. All things in the universe will be as one. There will be only oneness or complete singularity. This is the goal of the universe in which we live. It is, therefore, the organizing principle and evolutionary imperative of the universe, as well as the purpose underlying the existence of all things in the universe. 

            Eternea proffers four main conclusions derived from the scientific study of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) and the physics of consciousness:  (1) That consciousness survives bodily death and enjoys eternal existence; 2) That all things in the universe are one, coming from and returning to the same Source; (3) That what one does to others, one does to oneself in this Love image interconnected universe; and (4) That the meaning and purpose of all life, all existence, is to create beauty and love each other unconditionally. Moreover, some physicists have arrived at the enlightened awareness through their long-time careful study of the quantum realm, that unconditional love is the organizing principle of the entire universe and basis for all resonance, cooperation, collaboration and harmony at both the observable (macro) and unobservable (micro) levels of reality.

            All persons who undergo an STE agree that loving each other is the central reason for our existence. This message is a recurring motif, not just in STE reports, but in the belief systems of all of the world’s major religions. In fact, the overarching directive to love one another is the principal bedrock teaching of nearly all the world’s major religions. It is also the primary message of all the greatest mystics, prophets, gurus, avatars, saints and sages.

            So, if there is such a thing as a prime directive in the universe, it is most probably the principle of loving each other unconditionally. There is no higher state of being. There is no greater outcome or end goal for all of creation to aspire to as the ultimate destination in evolution. There is no conceivable way to improve or evolve further than to be in a state of pure, whole and complete unconditional love. Everything works or functions best in this state of being. It is the manifestation of perfection. As such, it rises in stature to the equivalence of natural law. It alone qualifies as the end point of creation’s inherent evolutionary imperative.

            When natural law such as this is revealed to human understanding, it is a monumental defining moment in time. One more piece of the cosmic jigsaw puzzle is fitted into its proper place in the overarching scheme of things, bringing us one step closer to more precise comprehension of that which unceasingly abides in the whole of creation. Absolute reality, meaning all of that which eternally holds true in the manifest and unmanifest universe, regardless of opinions or points of view that individuals may have about it, comes into sharper focus. We are moved inches closer to grasping that which is eternally true. We travel further along in our marvelous journey to ultimately uncover the deeper, hidden, transcendent meaning and nature of all things. We come that much closer to arriving at the doorstep of the chamber which houses the Holy Grail of science, i.e., the formulation of an empirically valid unified field theory of nature.

            Truth of this elusive stature, though hard to come by, is to be found as embedded elements in the teachings of Kong Qiu, K’ung-tzu or K’ung-fu-tzu, popularly known to Westerners as Confucius. In reference to what may be derived from absolute truth, an early version of the “Golden Rule” is attributed to him as its original source: “What you do not wish for yourself, do not unto others,” or stated another way, “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.”

            Today, of course, we know the Golden Rule as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” which embodies essentially the same basic truth as the expression used during the time of Confucius. And yet another modern variation has emerged from mystical tradition: “What you do to others you do to yourself.”  The Golden Rule is but one of many timeless pearls of wisdom Confucius imparted which has survived the test of time to become firmly established in the lexicon of human thought as perhaps the most practical advice one could be given for everyday living.  The Beatles, on their Abbey Road album, expressed the same sentiment in this thoughtful lyric: “The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

            Confucius was born in September of 551 B.C., yet his penetrating words are still relevant and applicable today even though they were formulated and articulated so very long ago. What gives credence to his wisdom after all this time? What makes it so timely today as it was back in his day? Could it be that his wisdom endures with a timeless quality because it is derivative of absolute truth? Perhaps, but whatever the reason for its persistent relevance, his teachings provide an enduring framework for the social construction of human nature in the ideal sense, which if achieved and expressed, would result in the creation of the best of all possible worlds, one which would know more joy than suffering, more plenty than lack, more peace than conflict, more harmony than discord.

            In an age of great confusion, during a time when China had disintegrated into a prolonged period of feudal disintegration and factional strife, Confucius offered enlightened counsel to his countrymen. It was done in an effort to restore peace and equilibrium to his country, which was terribly lost in conflict and disarray. It is as follows:

            “The illustrious ancients, when they wished to make clear and propagate the highest virtues in the world, put their states in proper order. Before putting their states in proper order, they regulated their families. Before regulating their families, they cultivated their own selves. Before cultivating their own selves, they perfected their souls. Before perfecting their souls, they tried to be sincere in their thoughts. Before trying to be sincere in their thoughts, they extended to the utmost their knowledge. Such investigation in knowledge lay in the investigation of things, and in seeing them as they really were. When things were thus investigated, knowledge became complete. When knowledge was complete, their thoughts became sincere. When their thoughts were sincere, their souls became perfect. When their souls were perfect, their own selves became cultivated. When their selves were cultivated, their families became regulated. When their families were regulated, their states came to be put into proper order. When their states were in proper order, then the whole world became peaceful and happy.”

            In the spirit of Confucius, Eternea and the LEO Global Campaign joust with the same challenge of helping the world to become “peaceful and happy” in reliance on the same counsel he prescribed over 2,500 years ago. It worked back then, at least for a time, so perhaps the same logic he formulated then can serve us equally well now. If it is reflective or derivative of absolute truth, or stands apart as some kind of adjunctive embedded element of it, then it should be as true and relevant today as when it was first articulated over 2,500 years ago. And, it is no more complicated than following the Golden Rule, no more challenging than simply becoming the living manifestation of the change one wants to see in the world.

            Confucius became the magistrate or justice minister of a major city, Lu or Chung-tu. His leadership, rooted deeply in the steadiness of character, integrity, principles, ethics and values, ushered in a period of great reform. The teachings and influence of this great leader had a profound impact on the people of Lu or Chung-tu back then, and China generally, if not the whole world eventually.

            Owing to Confucius’ leadership, the conflict and strife in and around Lu or Chung-tu was abated. Crime came to an end. Virtue prevailed. People treated each other with civility and respect. Peace settled over the land. The followers of Confucius loved and revered him deeply. When he died in 479 B.C. at around age 72, he was laid to rest in his hometown of Qufu with great ceremony. In a solemn effort to remain in close proximity to his remains, many of his followers built homes nearby his grave which was considered by them to be a sacred place. It is still revered today by many in China and others elsewhere in the world.

            The process Confucius prescribed for us way back then begins with “extending our knowledge to its utmost” by means of “investigating things”, in an effort to “understand things”, so as to “see things” as they really are, not how we might imagine them to be, but how they really are in the ultimate or absolute sense. This, according to Confucius, is preparatory to becoming “sincere” in our thoughts and our perceptions, that is, our thoughts about and perceptions of reality…reality as it truly exists, not how we might erroneously define it to be, but rather its true nature in the objective, absolute and ultimate sense. 

            In doing so, subjective reality, that is individual opinions about reality based on idiosyncratic perceptions of it, would increasingly fall by the wayside, replaced by greater insights into the nature of objective reality, which is comprehension of that which is true and factual in a constant, unchanging, eternal sense.

            When objective reality is fully known and accepted by everyone, then all individual subjective perceptions of it would be retired. Never before in human history has this ever happened, but if ever it were to happen, it would mean that every single human being alive would share the exact same comprehension and definition as to the absolute nature of all things. If and when that day ever came, it would take place likely in the aftermath of the greatest scientific discovery of all time. The Holy Grail of science would have been found, that is, a unified field theory of nature. The implications and ramifications of such a development would be gigantic. It would be the ultimate game-changer. It would globally transform everything from human nature to the nature of social, political and economic systems. Technology would evolve to a whole new level as well, one that would boggle the mind.

            For every human being to literally define reality and see reality exactly the same way, truth must be uncovered first, ultimate or eternal truth, about the nature of objective or absolute reality. To accomplish this, as Confucius recommends, our knowledge must be extended “to the utmost,” meaning knowledge must be acquired that would enable us to replace faulty thinking and perception with right thinking and accurate perception about the ultimate true nature of reality. This, of course, is a very tall order. None come any taller. So foreboding is this task, one could easily shrink at the thought of its undertaking. Yet, as the greatest spiritual teachers and mystics observe, to quest in pursuit of such truth is the only dance there is and the only valid use of one’s lifetime, other than service to others of course.

            But the truth of our times is we grossly misperceive reality and ourselves. As a consequence, we harbor false beliefs, values and perceptions about reality and ourselves. We do not remotely understand or fathom who we really are and why we’re really here. We do not yet grasp the true or ultimate nature of reality. This accounts for nearly all of the problems our species is now encountering.  If we really understood nature in the absolute or ultimate sense, most if not all of the challenges currently afflicting humankind would be remedied with blinding speed.  Moreover, the loftiest goals that could be conceived for humanity would be successfully accomplished in short order. Such is the core strategy advocated by Eternea in its mission and vision to help facilitate the creation of what can be a remarkable future for humanity.

            Cutting edge frontier science is perhaps the best means we now have at our disposal to acquire new knowledge and insights about the nature of objective reality. Frontier science is providing humanity with new insights of immeasurable importance, surfacing with almost predictable regularity in modern times due to current technological capabilities and the rapid expansion of knowledge in general. Living in the digital age does offer great opportunities and advantages. Our time is indeed a precarious and worrisome time, but also an exciting hopeful time filled with the promise of unparalleled progress. The tools now at our disposal are so powerful and sophisticated that we are enabled to journey into undiscovered realms and accomplish great feats that could not be conceived even fifty years ago.

            In just a relatively short span of time, science and resultant technological innovation have completely transformed life on our planet. They have brought about dramatic improvement in the quality and longevity of life, as well as the human condition in general. What’s more, the threshold of discovery has been barely crossed. The greatest achievements and contributions of science have yet to materialize. Many more significant breakthroughs may soon come about perhaps within the next few decades.            

            The greatest breakthroughs will likely come from the study of STEs and interactions between information, energy and matter at the quantum level of nature, specifically in the context of the relationship between consciousness and matter. These pending breakthroughs, when they occur, will help us arrive at an entirely new understanding or comprehension of the true nature of ultimate reality. This coming shift in our perception of the true nature of reality could open our eyes to tremendous possibilities, enabling us to construct an optimal future for all manner of life on the planet.

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