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Eben Alexander, III, MD

"My near-death experience (NDE) compelled me to establish Eternea which I co-founded with my colleague, John R. Audette. For me personally, Eternea represents a passionate effort to apply in pragmatic ways the profound insights I received during my NDE, to serve the greater good of humanity. Eternea aspires to promote love, unity, harmony, collaboration and cooperation globally. It is dedicated to the advancement of human civilization and a sustainable healthy future for earth and its inhabitants. The insights from my NDE, and many others like it, once fully grasped and accepted by a critical mass, will trigger a dramatic and beneficial shift in human nature, as well as in the nature of social, political and economic systems."

Eben Alexander, III, MD, FACS, is a neurosurgeon educated at Duke University Medical School now in private practice in Lynchberg, VA. He formerly served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School from 1988 to 2001. In November 2008, Dr. Alexander had a profound life-changing near-death experience which is the subject of his books entitled Proof of Heaven, & the Map of Heaven. He currently serves as Eternea’s Chief Science Officer.

John R Audette, MS

"Welcome to Eternea. Here you will find a treasure chest of factual information that can change the way you view yourself, the world around you and reality in general. This information can literally transform your values, perceptions and priorities, as well as your beliefs about life’s meaning and purpose. It can open your mind to a whole new set of possibilities for your existence, for what you might accomplish with your time on earth. Here you will learn from leading edge research that you are an infinite spiritual being surrounded by eternity, that your existence is not limited to the physical body in which you now find yourself. This realization, among others you may reach through study of our website contents, can profoundly change your outlook on reality. As more people undergo change in this way, a better future for earth and all its inhabitants becomes more probable. This is Eternea's goal and purpose."

John R. Audette, MS, serves as President & CEO. Mr. Audette holds a Master of Science degree from Virginia Tech. His professional career spans over 35 years of senior executive level experience (non-profit and for-profit) in hospital and hospice administration, physician practice management, public broadcasting and the performing arts. In 1977, he founded the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc. (IANDS.org) together with Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Kenneth Ring, Dr. Bruce Greyson and Dr. Michael Sabom. Mr. Audette served on active duty in the U.S. Army for nearly four years during the Vietnam era.