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The Eternea Scientific Team

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Rationale for the Team

Eternea consists of a global team of highly respected scientists who all believe that civilization's survival and future well-being is entirely dependent upon the emergence of a completely different worldview, one that properly addresses, in verifiable scientific terms, our collective relationship to each other, the environment, and the universe. The question we are focused upon is "How do we fundamentally change the dominant world view and replace it with a higher level of thinking?"

Achieving new views of reality and, by implication, a sustainable modern civilization requires enlightened efforts to establish a fundamental shift in common perceptions leading to changes in thinking, values, behavior and actions based on the concepts of inter-connectedness, cooperation, and interdependence in all human endeavors. This shift can come about if a significant portion of humankind develops this new awareness and understanding and incorporates them into individual and societal belief systems. Science can support this shift by providing reliable and credible empirical data in support of these premises, which is the task Eternea has accepted as its mission.

Since the 17th century science has been based on the belief that all phenomena are the results of blind but predictable interactions with matter. This orientation has led to a reductionist view of reality and a materialistic focus --- one of consumption, competition, conflict and domination. However, by the end of the 20th century, new scientific evidence has emerged from the field of quantum mechanics and the study of spiritually transformative experiences that render the reductionist view of reality not only untenable but incorrect as well. Instead, a new paradigm is surfacing which places great emphasis on consciousness and its role in the creation of physical reality and on the point of view that reality is a holistic, interconnected matrix and that information, once gained, is never lost and that these concepts are true at a deep and fundamental level of existence.

Throughout the ages great spiritual teachers from all traditions have spoken of reality being a limitless, transcendent and holistic consciousness. Partly as a result of the legacy of the French philosopher Descartes and the separations of the domains of religious and scientific thought, the spiritual view of reality has all but been ignored by modern science. Yet, our spiritual teachers have taught us for millennia that we all have the ability to experience transcendent states of awareness and intentionality and that they are demonstrably resident in the human condition. These states are now beginning to be understood as fundamental properties of our consciousness.

Furthermore, we realize that these states have been visited and utilized for millennia by both our ancestors and contemporaries. These enlightened individuals have been called by many names including avatars, mystics, sages, saints, gurus and shamans. By whatever name they have been called, all held a similar world view and advocated oneness, unconditional love, living harmoniously with nature and one's fellow humans and recognizing the interconnectedness and interdependence of all creation.

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