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Educational Goals and Priorities

As its primary educational mission, Eternea will bring about improved and expanded levels of public awareness and education regarding the question of survivability of consciousness after death and sustainability issues confronting our global civilization. It will utilize all forms of mass media (video, television, radio, cinematography, books, newsprint, software, Internet, etc.) to insure that its work reaches the largest possible global audience.

It will serve as a vehicle for marketing and public relations vehicle to increase global awareness about the reality of eternal existence and its implications for the creation of higher civilization and a dynamic, ideal, sustainable future.

Eternea will also serve as a repository for organizations needing information, consulting or expertise on any aspect of spiritually transformed experiences, as well as sustainability issues and solutions.

Education and public awareness development involves well-conceived and executed world-wide campaigns using all manner of print, broadcast and social media and the internet to convey key message points to the general public derived from and based upon Eternea’s Inferential Conclusions: (The Core Statements). It also involves curriculum development as well at all levels of formal education. It also includes production of DVDs, documentaries and major motion pictures which would convey meaningful messages and salient information. It also includes development of innovative software and enhancement of virtual reality technology focused on demonstration of STE and consciousness phenomena under Eternea’s rubric. It would also encompass frequent conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, podcasts, webinars and targeted advertising campaigns.

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