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STE Transformative Effects

As we have seen a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE), although inexplicable by materialist science, is usually associated with profound characteristic changes in the person who experiences the STE. For many who study STEs, this is perhaps the most important and interesting aspects of the STE experience.

 STE transformations are presumed to be the result of:

  1. Access to knowledge or a sense of knowing not available before the experience
  2. Changes in behavior more consistent with the knowledge gained in number 1 above
  3. Changes in personality also more consistent with the knowledge gained in number 1.

This new knowledge and changes in personality and behavior leading to a fundamental shift in world view including:

  • Shifts in fundamental beliefs
  • Changes in values
  • A reordering of priorities in one's life
  • A new appreciation of life

Many experience a complete change in life style, often leaving one's spouse, one's job and entering into a "helping profession". Pursuit of material possessions and accumulation of wealth no longer seem relevant or important to one's life goals.  A strong interest in the well-being of others and of environmental concerns seems to be of paramount importance.

The aftermath of an STE can take several years to fully integrate into one's personality and often results in dramatic and positive transformation in personality.


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