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The vision of Eternea is to be one strategy in a larger broader effort to profoundly transform human nature thence human civilization. Such a transformation would result in replacing avarice with altruism, duality with oneness and divisiveness with unity. Eternea proposes to accomplish its vision by serving as an impetus to elevate human awareness, values, attitudes and behavior through facilitation of a critical mass awakening in which false illusory perceptions of the larger all-encompassing reality are replaced with true, accurate perceptions of its actual nature.

Eternea proposes to achieve its objectives by advancing and disseminating credible scientific knowledge acquired through empirical investigations and cutting edge research concerning the ultimate nature of true reality. This includes rigorous methodical studies of spiritually transformative peak experiences and mystical occurrences, as well as robust exploration of the quantum realm through the lens of particle physics focused on achieving a better comprehension of consciousness and its influential relationship with matter. Of particular interest and importance is the scientific study of the underlying mechanism which enables thought and intention to impact the performance of quanta, resulting in modification of its behavior.

Eternea expects that this research will bring into sharper focus the awe-inspiring cause/effect interplay between the physical and spiritual dimensions of reality in reference to the larger, greater, all-encompassing reality which surrounds all things in the cosmos, both manifest and unmanifest, seen and unseen, micro and macro. Seen with accuracy from this perspective, all things in the vastness of creation become equally vital integral aspects of one grand unified whole, coming from and returning to the same Source, existing eternally in some form or manner.