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Precognition & Premonitions

Can the future influence the past or present? Precognition is the direct knowledge, insight or perception (e.g. consciously being perceivied) of some aspect of a future event obtained by non-ordinary perceptual mechanisms. Premonition on the other hand involves a feeling that something is going to happen. There have been many studies in the literature that are suggestive of these phenomenon being real (see xxx). In addition  Rupert Sheldrake has done several experiments with pets who seem to have an uncanny ability to detect when there owners are about to return home  even if they are miles away when they make the decision to do so. (see Dogs that Know When Their Owners are Coming Home by Rupert Sheldrake). Is it because they can see the future or because they are picking up on their owner’s intention to come home (quantum non-locality )?

Precognitive experiences which usually have a highly emotional aspect, especially negative (like accidents, death usually occur within 24-48 hours before the actual event Premonitions (unconsciously sensing the future) are psychic impressions (e.g. feelings) or warning of some future event. They may range from vague feelings of foreboding, suggestive of impending disaster and are either visual or auditory. Dreams are frequent vehicles of premonitions, either direct or symbolical, as well as veridical dreams.

Related to these are intuition and Intuition is defined as reaching the correct solution without consciously knowing all the facts. Since the subconscious reaches beyond the bounds of ordinary time and space (e.g. is non-local) it can offer insight into the correct course of action to arrive at a solution to a problem. You only need to learn how to trust it.

Déjà vu is the feeling of having been somewhere or done something before despite knowing otherwise. Being a form of memory, it is possible that déjà vu does the same. One possibility is that Déjà vu may result from an unrecalled, buried memory then it is possible that an accompanying sense of what will happen next comes from that same buried memory. The other possibility is that it results from precognitive premonitions that may have a basis in quantum quantum non-locality

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