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Eternea Programs and Services

Internet-Based Comprehensive Information and Resources

Eternea offers the general public free unlimited access through its website to comprehensive resources and information about Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) and Non-Local Consciousness Experiences (NLCEs), providing a snapshot of the current body of knowledge concerning all phenomena related to these areas of interest. This benefits those who are grieving, facing a terminal illness, enduring considerable fear of death or contemplating suicide. It also benefits spiritual seekers in search of new insights, scientists studying human consciousness, members of the clergy looking to broaden their knowledge in this area, and persons wanting to further explore the meaning and purpose of life, as well as the mystery of death and the afterlife. Also, on its website, Eternea maintains an STE/NLCE Electronic Registry (STEER) for people around the world who wish to personally archive and publicly share a first-hand account of their STE(s) or NLCE(s).

Scientific Research (basic and applied)

Eternea offers major grant awards to sponsor research  at prestigious medical centers and universities around the world under the direction of its Frontier Science Forum,  comprised of leading scientists and scholars from around the world. These research projects will be carried out by some of the most prominent and highly respected scientists of our time. With the best tools science has at its disposal, these scientists will rigorously explore STEs, NLCEs and the nature of human consciousness, as well as its relationship to and influence upon matter. Many unanswered questions will be addressed. Another priority for these scientists will be to ascertain the empirical validity of The Core Statements. The importance of this ongoing research to Eternea’s mission and vision is incalculable.

Public Education

Eternea sponsors well-funded, well-conceived and well-executed world-wide educational campaigns using all manner of print, broadcast and social/digital media to convey key message points to the general public on a continual basis concerning the voluminous amount of credible information already in existence about STEs and NLCEs. These campaigns are a never-ending endeavor, funds permitting, and include paid advertising, interviews with noted experts, news releases, major motion picture productions based on real-life stories, production of inspired documentaries, publication of successive volumes of The Eternea Files from cases reported at STEER, YouTube postings of STEER videos, blogs, message boards, chat rooms, Facebook and twitter postings. Eternea-sponsored educational campaigns would also include development of innovative software and enhancement of virtual reality technology focused on demonstration of STEs and NLCEs, as well as curricula cultivation for schools, colleges and universities. They also encompass frequent conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, podcasts, webinars and targeted promotional campaigns, limited only by the extent of our creativity and funding.

Personal Growth Programs

For some people, it may be possible for meaningful spiritual growth to take place by merely reading about STEs/NLCEs or listening to actual firsthand accounts. But this does not hold true for the majority of humanity who will not change until they experience an STE/NLCE firsthand. For them, nothing can substitute for direct experiential and interactive exposure to the higher spiritual dimensions. Nothing but sacred communion with the divine will suffice to facilitate profound personal transformation. For people like this, who may indeed represent the majority of human beings, there are many safe techniques that can induce higher states of consciousness and STEs/NLCEs, known as induction techniques, described and explained in greater detail at eternea.org. A wide variety of induction techniques are available to bring about an STE/NLCE in a safe and non-stressful manner. Eternea sponsors personal growth programs to make STEs/NLCEs possible in safe, supportive and comfortable settings through physical centers located around the world, as funding permits. These physical centers are called C.R.E.A.T.O.R., an acronym that stands for Centers for Cleansing, Rejuvenation, Empowerment, Attunement, Transformation, Oneness & Resonance.

Technology Development

The digital age and micro-computing, along with advances in artificial intelligence and cybernetics, have given rise to new technological capabilities once considered to be purely within the realm of science fiction. Virtual reality tools, combined with full three dimensional perceptual capabilities, bring the experience of virtual reality to a whole new level. They also open up a new frontier in the exploration and expansion of human consciousness. These innovations, and many more, have major implications for the induction and study of spiritually transformative experiences, as well as healing through mind over matter, and several other promising applications. Eternea aspires to conceive, engineer, incubate and experiment with new technologies for these intended purposes, and will vigorously promote application of the most promising technological innovations.

Outreach Initiatives

As infinite, eternal, interconnected spiritual beings whose unchanging purpose is to love one another, our greatest calling is to express love toward all things in the form of positive practical social action. Everything Eternea does is but a means to facilitate this noble end. To manifest this philosophy in everyday life, as its crowning achievement, Eternea sponsors outreach initiatives focused not only on human needs, but also on the well-being of animals, the environment and all of creation. These initiatives are explained in detail on this website (www.eternea.org) . Soon, they will be highlighted at our affiliated websites: SYNERGE.ORG, LOVINGEACHOTHER.ORG and ONEDERFUL-WORLD.ORG. These initiatives include:

  1. Love In Action (LIA);
  2. Loving Each Other Global Campaign (LEO);
  3. The Onederful-World Leadership Project (OWL);
  4. SynerGe;
  5. The Convergence Coalition  (which is a concerted effort to promote a convergence between science, spirituality and religion focused on points of agreement among them).
  6. Funds permitting, Eternea also aspires to support other outside related projects as well such as ImpactAVillage.Org.

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