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 Scientific Team - Uniqueness

Very few scientists have expressed interest in studying consciousness and its relation with the larger whole by using so many disciplines including quantum physics, thermodynamics, information theory, complexity theory, self organizing systems, neurosciences and related areas. These disciplines, when linked with the study of transpersonal psychology, humanistic psychology, and spriitually transformative experiences and similiar areas of investigation, offer complementary and synergistic expertize all focused on understanding the nature of the human condition specifically human consciousness and the nature of reality.

Our scientific team faces a daunting challenge. They risk being ostracized by their peers and often face challenges and the opinions of those indoctrinated by the current scientific paradigms because it challenges the very foundations of those existing paradigms. Consequently this research is often met with great resistance by the prevailing scientific establishment.  Thus, having a ready and eager team of many well-credentialed principal investigators and their associates from such a broad array of disciplines and backgrounds is extremely fortunate.

This combination of cutting edge scientific talent will bring together in one program of study, not only highly respected professionals from conventional science, but also individuals with new, unconventional and possibly startling ideas and approaches to current phenomena that currently have not been explained by mainstream science. A fully coordinated, creative, exceptional approach that these teams and individuals have been informally pursuing, largely outside their regular academic assignments, will allow much more timely progress and better integration of their individual findings.

In order to bring these respected, creative scientists under one organizational umbrella to create complementary and synergistic research programs, funding is always needed to enable them to work full-time on these projects, liberated from academic pressures and the constraints of confining investigations only to accepted mainstream scientific paradigms.

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