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Loving Each Other (LEO) & Love In Action (LIA) Initiatives

Unconditional love is one of the organizing principles of the universe. As such, humanity must learn to love one another unconditionally and practice it consistently in our daily lives, represents the central divinely intended purpose of our existence. It is the foundation for achieving an optimal sustainable future. Without it, such a future will continue to elude us.

LEO is a staff administered program under the rubric of educational initiatives. LEO provides on-line courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, DVDs, books and workbooks all designed to teach people the meaning of unconditional love and how to incorporate unconditional love in their daily lives. It provides tools, strategies and practical guidance, as well as a support mechanism at the local level to continually empower people to practice unconditional love. The support mechanism could involve the community chapters of Friends and could be modeled after the 12-step program and "sponsor" concept. LEO, for example, would give broad distribution to the animal love stories we receive from time to time, to demonstrate the power of love. It would give recognition or rewards to individuals who perform substantial humanitarian efforts.

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LIA is a volunteer administered program under the rubric of Friends, implemented by volunteers involved with the community chapters of Friends and coordinated by them. It is focused on meaningful social action that applies unconditional love in practical ways to help others, people in need of course, but also animals and the environment equally as well. It would entail "random acts of kindness campaigns", community service programs, good deeds day initiative, and many other endeavors limited only in scope by our creativity. 

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