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Executive Summary

Eternea is a publicly supported global non-profit research, educational and outreach organization. Its mission is to advance research, education and applied programs concerning the physics of consciousness and the interactive relationship between consciousness and physical reality (e.g. matter and energy), and to enhance the understanding of spiritually transformative experiences.

Eternea’s vision is to help elevate human nature and human civilization to create a sustainable future for earth and all its inhabitants, facilitating epochal improvement in the human condition. The principal strategy underlying achievement of this vision involves the efforts of frontier science (that which challenges leading paradigms, especially around consciousness) to investigate the empirical validity and subsequent public acceptance of seven cornerstone principles concerning the ultimate nature of reality:

  1. That some core aspect of consciousness exists beyond the brain and its processes;

  2. That this core aspect of consciousness survives bodily death and exists eternally within and beyond physical form;

  3. That all things in the cosmos are interconnected at the quantum level, influencing each other non-locally and instantaneously, implying that all things are one in the grand web of creation;

  4. That the organizing principle of the cosmos and  goal of all evolution is unconditional love;

  5. That there is a profound creative intelligence underlying the universe from which all things originate and to which all things return;

  6. That in an interconnected universe there exists an intricate matrix of cause-effect relationships, implying that what one does to others one does to oneself and that what we sow we reap; and

  7. That the good of the one and the good of the many are equivalent, implying that we can be only as strong as our weakest link.

Eternea reasons that when a sufficient number of people throughout the world accept these seven principles based on their confidence in the empirical work of frontier science, consensual understanding of reality will change dramatically, resulting in profound transformation of human nature and rapid advancement of human civilization. Values, attitudes and behaviors will evolve to a higher level. A shift will occur from the prevailing model of “every one for him or herself” to the more enlightened model of “all for one and one for all,” leading to a fundamental change in the nature of social, cultural, political and economic systems, as well as institutionalized religions.

If such a transformation were to occur, the likely outcome would be a sustainable civilization, and eventually global eradication of hunger, poverty, violence, war, environmental degradation, illiteracy, over-population, animal abuse, crime, exploitation, injustice, inequality, egocentrism, bigotry, materialism, and so on. Upon close examination, the very root of humanity’s problems is flawed thinking and faulty perception about the nature of reality. Eternea aspires to help replace this flawed and outmoded thinking with more enlightened thinking and perception about the nature of reality, consistent with acknowledgment of the transcendental nature of our spirit, and the evidence produced from frontier science research. The resulting transformation in consciousness will stimulate the creation of a more optimal future for earth and all its inhabitants. Eternea believes that this line of reasoning represents the best possible solution to most, if not all, of the problems and challenges facing humanity.