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Eternea supports the position that eternal spiritual existence is a reality for all living things throughout the whole of creation. It bases this conviction on evidence generated by research into spiritually transformative experiences, so-called psychic phenomena, mind-body medicine, spontaneous healings, as well as findings emerging from compelling studies by physicists and others focused on the quantum nature of consciousness. We infer from this evidence that the sum total of reality is not limited to physical-material matter, as mainstream science now contends, but rather consists of a spiritual or meta-physical dimension as well. We infer that consciousness and perception are not a by-products or epiphenomena of bio-electro-chemical processes in the brain, but rather an aspect of them exists independently of physical brain processes. Moreover, we support the notion that a fundamental aspect of consciousness we refer to as intrinsic awareness is built into the fabric of the cosmos. Therefore all things possess at least some level of awareness by virtue of their quantum properties and their participation in quantum interactions.

When most or all human beings accept the reality of eternal spiritual existence and continuity of a core aspect of consciousness beyond physical death, a new age of enlightenment will begin and a new world will emerge, one based wholly on kindness, compassion, goodwill and altruism, or in short, one based on the Golden Rule. The first step in this process is to provide human beings with a valid, reliable, credible, empirical basis for shedding the illusion and misperception that reality is void of a spiritual or meta-physical dimension. Eternea is committed to serving that purpose. Eternea aspires to give human beings compelling reason to develop the firm conviction that they are more than what is physical and that what they do while in physical form affects the whole of creation correspondingly and has transcendent consequences that manifest throughout the cosmos.

For more details please see our executive summary.