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 Scientific Team - Philosophy

Team Philosophy

Many current world crises, including energy consumption, inadequate health care, rampant malnutrition, environmental degradation, and violent conflict between countries, regions and religions, are not isolated events. Growing evidence suggests that myriad misunderstood phenomena in nature be they physical, mental, or spiritual, may be best explainable by a new framework that treats events in the world as interdependent components of an inseparable whole.

This hypothesis of interconnectedness, proposed by ancient sages from many pre-scientific cultures has never been rigorously explored or tested by modern mainstream science. In order to create the fundamental shift in consciousness necessary to preserve our civilization, experimental and theoretical investigations are required to test these unifying approaches to nature. The goal is to fully integrate the reductionist, and purely materialistic view, characterized by classical Newtonian science, with the holistic view emerging out of promising scientific disciplines such as quantum mechanics in a manner that also addresses consciousness and transcendent states of awareness.

This holistic view can then be applied to the macroscopic world including living systems and social phenomena. Eternea intends to sponsor research on projects that will, for the first time in the modern era, initiate, a major focused pursuit of the incorporation of human experience, including, experimental, theoretical, and experiential studies, into an integrated description of reality.

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