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Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Chairman Emeritus

"Through the work of Eternea, we can begin the wedding of science and religion, reason and intuition, the physical and the spiritual. This union will ensure that science comes to comprehend the non-material aspects of reality as well as it knows the material aspects, enabling it to approach omniscience. Then knowledge will become wisdom and love of power will become the power of love, and the universal man of cosmic consciousness will finally emerge, all none too soon." - Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell - 1930 - 2016 

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Non-Local Consciousness
"We are not humans having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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"The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It"
Abraham Lincoln

Please collaborate with Eternea in the co-creation of an optimal future for Earth and all of its inhabitants.

We urge you to support our  Inaugural Campaign  to fund Eternea's premiere event: The Global Census Project for Spiritually Transformative Experiences.  The journey to build a better future begins with this historic effort.

Together, we can co-create an ideal future aligned with our greatest hopes, dreams and yearnings.

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Eternea - What's it all about?

Watch Suzanne Giesemann Video, Chairman of Eternea's Spirituality Leadership Council

Watch Dr. Eben Alexander, III, Eternea's Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

Watch a video endorsement for Eternea by an acclaimed author Allen Johnson Jr.

Watch a video endorsement for Eternea by Virginia Hummel Chair of Orb Encounters Committee


Time for a New Love Declaration

Fred's Big Mistake
a poetic metaphor on the
meaning and purpose of life

Commentary on Fabricated
NDEs in the News

Answers to questions of the ages: Check out
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What Spontaneous Healings Suggest

What Exceptional Mental Abilities Imply

What Psychic Phenomena Tell Us
About Non-local Mind

Mediumship and Non-local Consciousness

A Prenatal Parable of Life After Birth

A Dog's Purpose According to a 6 Year Old

The Life After: A Tribute to Rickie Bradshaw

Dr. Larry Dossey
Why Materialism Fails"

Eternea Acknowledges

Suzanne Giesemann
Suzanne Giesemann
has generously
donated to Eternea a
percentage of the royalties
from her book

Wolf's Message
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Allen Johnson, Jr.

has generously  donated to Eternea 100% of the profits from his delightful book
Virginia Hummel
Virginia Hummel
has generously donated
to Eternea not only a percentage of the royalties from her book but the majority of her speaking and workshop fees as well

For more information on this wonderful book "Cracking the Grief Code - Healing Through Spiritually Transformative Experiences" click  on the image above
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The Hand on the Mirror:
A True Story of Life
Beyond Death

Janis Heaphy
Janis Heaphy Durham
Author "The Hand on the Mirror"
A wonderful book for those
interested in an investigation
of the spiritual world

Book Review
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