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STE Induction Techniques

Techniques that may evoke, produce or lead to an “STE”

People who have experienced a near-death experience or another form of spiritually transformative experience are often curious or motivated to return to that place or that profound state of being they experienced during the experience.  Others are motivated to find or feel a similarly positive state of being, without having to almost die.

There are several techniques and practices throughout history and in the present day, which can create a similar, if not exact the same, state of being.  Certainly the practice of meditation is chief among these. Other techniques have been developed, such as the hemi-sync technology of The Monroe Institute.  Experiments using different types of chemical compounds or drugs have sometimes stimulated similar experiences, but because of the inability to control the effects or to release the mind or body from possible side effects, this is not a recommended technique.

The techniques offered on this site provide examples, although not an exhaustive list, of ways to explore other realms of consciousness in a relatively “safe” manner.  Even within a certain type or technique or process, there can be many different practices that have evolved over time and in different parts of the world.

As this site develops, the following examples, as well as others, will be described:

  • Meditation practices
  • Centering and Contemplative Prayer
  • Breath-work
  • Hemi-Sync technology
  • Chant, Drumming and Dance
  • Hypnosis
  • Working with a Psychomanteum  


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