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Psychic Abilities

Are psychic phenomena real? What about non-local consciousness (e.g. consciousness that transcends space and time)? To the skeptic it is easy to rule out many “psychic” phenomena of mind as wishful thinking because science currently has no solid theory for their mechanisms. This of course is in spite of the fact that there is a growing body of evidence that these phenomenon actually exist. These skeptics subscribe to the philosophy of materialism. They assert that the mind (our consciousness) is epiphenomena of the brain processes. However this is an assumption that has never been proven in fact despite the large effort and numerous credible attempts to locate the seat of consciousness in the brain in the last few decades. In addition, the materialist position fails to account for many phenomena of consciousness reported throughout history and especially in the modern era. A few of these include: Mystical Experiences(MEs), spiritually transformative experiences (STEs), Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBEs), other transcendent experiences, exceptional abilities of mind, non-local mind (e.g. remote viewing, mediumship, etc.), terminal lucidity, automatic writing and many other phenomena.

Interest has been growing in seeking an alternative to materialism where the mind (e.g. consciousness) extends well beyond and pre-exists the brain. It proposes that our full consciousness has access to an expansive reality that is kept mostly hidden from our ordinary waking consciousness. It posits that the mind uses the brain to manipulate the body and the external (physical) world. In other words the mind / brain combination acts as a reducing valve or filter to limit access to the whole of reality to prevent overwhelming the physical brain and limiting ordinary consciousness for the survival benefit that this limiting view provides.

A growing body of evidence suggests that this alternative to materialism is a viable one to the assumption of materialism and that it provides an explanation for many, if not all, of the phenomena described above. Furthermore with this model there is no reason to consider that the physical death of the brain implies the demise of some fundamental aspect of our consciousness.

We offer the following categories of non ordinary mental phenomena as evidence worthy of further scientific investigation and study. We consider many of these phenomena  to be any ability of the mind (e.g. consciousness) that either extends beyond the ordinary bounds of space and time (e.g. non-locality) or is not generally found in ordinary consciousness. These phemonenon are catagorized into the following general groups and are discussed in more detail throughout this website:

  1. Extrasensory Perception (ESP)  - the general category of expanded awareness involved in obtaining information about events through non-ordinary perceptual mechanisms. This includes:

    1. Telepathy (direct mind-to-mind communications)
    2. Precognition – which is obtaining information about future events
    3. Remote Viewing (also known as clairvoyance) – obtaining information from remote locations

  2. Psychokinesis (also known as PK) is the general category of expanded intentionality which involves the direct mental interaction to affect external physical objects (either biotic or abiotic) or events

    1. Teleportation
    2. Materialization / dematerialization
    3. Levitation

  3. Non-Local consciousness - Phenomena suggestive of consciousness to exist beyond the physical bounds of the brain / body system. It includes the survival of some aspect of consciousness outside the body:

    1. Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)
    2. Out of Body Experiences(OBEs)
    3. Nearing Death Experiences (NDEs) and terminal lucidity
    4. After-Death Communications (ADCs)
    5. Reincarnations
    6. Mediumship
    7. Channeling
    8. Poltergeists
    9. Hauntings
    10. etc.

  4. Exceptional Mental Abilities - Phenomena suggestive of mental gifts or talents:

    1. Genius
    2. Spontaneous Healings
    3. Savant Syndrome
    4. Automatic Writing
    5. Synesthesia
    6. etc.

A long-held assumption held by mainstream science is that the worlds of the subjective experience (what we experience in our minds) and objective experience (what goes on outside in external reality) are completely distinct, with no overlap other than the interpretation by the mind of perceptual information. The study of Psychic phenomenon operates under the belief that this assumption is not correct. Human experience and considerable anecdotal evidence suggests that some human experience allows the subjective and objective worlds to interact and influence each other. From a mainstream scientific perspective, these phenomena are generally considered to be anomalous because they are difficult to explain within current scientific theories.

From the materialistic perspective, one of the foundations of the current scientific worldview, human consciousness is nothing but an emergent property of brain processes. These processes are generated solely by the electrochemical functioning of the brain and associated systems, and so it is absolutely dependent on it. It adheres to the assumption that when the brain dies, so does consciousness. From this perspective, claims of survival of bodily death, and psychic phenomena are merely a crutch for the human mind that cannot fathom the notion the materialistic view of reality where physical reality is all there is. Instead of non-local consciousness which assumes an expanded view of reality, of something larger than self, or something beyond oblivion when the body dies.

Even given materialist perspective, psychic phenomena have been reported in all cultures throughout history, including the present period. In the modern era some of these phenomena have been persuasively verified using scientific methods. Because these phenomena transcend the limits of the materialist position on the nature of reality, one can interpret psychic phenomena as providing supporting evidence that there is something more to consciousness mind than just the functioning brain, that there is some sort of "soul," or the like.

(more to be added soon)

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