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Welcome to Eternea's Spiritually Transformative Experience 
Electronic Registry (STEER)

Reporting a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE)

If you have already reported one STE, and would like to report another STE, please logon, return to this page and then click on the appropriate link in the table below in the column labled "Report STE". (Note: this column is not visible until you login.)

Otherwise, if you wish to report your first STE on this site,  please read the description below so that you know which portal to select for reporting as well as other important information you will need to know.

You may report your experience in either of the following ways:

  • U.S. Postal mail
  • Online Questionaire

Our Mailing Address - please print out the form, complete it and return to:

Eternea, Inc.
P.O. Box 871
Deerfield Beach FL 33443-0871

Fax: 561-347-8027

Our Online Survey Questionnaire - please click on one of the forms below and enter online.


All information you enter will be treated as confidential and will only be made available in full to our researchers or other Eternea staff members who may need to contact you. An anonymous version of your STE may be posted on this website for viewing by our members. No personal information about you will be made available to our members, other than the case number assigned to your STE. The information about this case number can be accessed only by Eternea researchers and senior staff members who have access to the database.

Please note that during the online survey some of the information you can enter about your STE is free form text entry, so do not include any information in those response fields that will allow someone to identify you. For example, if describing another person as an answer to such a question, use only first names or refer to this person in the third person (e.g. my maternal grandmother).

For more information on how we treat the confidentiality and privacy of your information please see our privacy policy.

Online entry of your STE

You can report your STE by completing the STE survey questionnaire online. In order to do this you will first have to register with Eternea. Please note that when registering you do not have to become a contributing member in order to report an STE. However, you are welcome to do so and enjoy the benefits and full access to the website.

If you had more than one STE

Please report each STE that you experienced as separate events if they occurred months or years apart and under different life circumstances. If you wish to report multiple STEs, one after the other, simply sign in again to report the next STE.

If the multiple STEs occurred in a very short period of time (e.g. hours or days apart) such as during a single hospital stay or resulting from a single traumatic event, please report them as a single group of related STEs. In this case, complete only one survey for all related STEs.

Not sure of the type of STE you had?

Please click on the appropriate description link in the table below to review the definition and characteristics for each type of STE that you may have questions about. Once you have verified your type of STE experience, then follow the directions below to report your STE.

What to Know when Reporting your STE

You must complete the questions in a timely manner or the session may expire and your answers may be lost. Therefore, please arrange a time to complete the survey when you will not be disturbed. You may even want to look over the questions ahead of time (e.g. review them without answering them or without clicking on the submit button) so you will have sufficient time to plan on how you will answer them when you are ready to provide your answers.

Once you begin, it is very important that you answer the questions completely and accurately before clicking the submit button because you will not be able to modify your answers once your answers have been submitted. However, you will be able to review the survey questions and your answers. At that point you will not be able to modify previous answers (after you click on the submit button) but you will be able to add information or provide clarification to a previous answer. You may do this as many times as you desire.

At the end of the survey, you will be able to upload a video file or word document containing information related to your STE experience, if desired (optional).

How to Report your STE

If you are ready to report your experience online and are not already registered you will be required to register first by clicking on the "register" button below. Upon completion of your registration you will automatically be logged in and then redirected to a page to begin reporting your STE.

If you have registered previously but have not yet logged in for this session, by clicking the "Register / Logon" button below you will be able to bypass the registration step and redirect to the logon page. After logon you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can begin reporting your STE.

If you are already logged on, just click on the appropriate link below in the column labeled "Report STE".

STE Links and Detailed Descriptions

  Get STE Detailed Description  
  After Death Communication  
  Divine Entities Encounter  
  Mystical Experiences (Ecstatic, Peak, Ephiphany)  
  Near-Death Awareness Experience  
  Nearing Death Experience  
Out-of-Body Experience / Remote Viewing
Past Life Recall
  Shared-Death Recall  

After you have reported your STE

An Eternea STE researcher may contact you in the future for a more detailed follow-up to your STE experience.  In such case, the researcher will identify him or herself clearly and you will have the option to respond or not. 

Reminder: After you submit your STE you will be given the opportunity to view your answers. You will also have an opportunity to add additional information, upload files (including image files), documents or even links to YouTube videos. You may retrieve your personal STE(s) at any time by logging on and going to the "My Account" Screen under the "Members" navigation button on the top left of any web page in this website. Please note: No other user will be able to view your STE after it has been submitted until it has be reviewed and verified by our staff to ensure that Eternea's privacy policy requirements are maintained.

Report your STE:  

 Thank you for your interest in reporting your STE to Eternea.