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Inaugural Campaign

Master Five Stage Fund-Raising Plan


The goal of this Stage 1 campaign is to raise $600,000 in seed funding to do the following:

  1. Re-Design Website & Improve programming/software to support the STE Electronic Registry (STEER);

  2. Produce essential tools to support the goals of Stage 2, including the production of various books, CDs, DVDs, collateral materials and a storyboard for the proposed animated film based on the poem “Fred’s Big Mistake: One We All Make”;

  3. Rent larger office space; obtain necessary office furniture and equipment; and

  4. Hire essential administrative staff (full-time) and part-time project managers


With tools funded by and developed from Stage 1, Secure Commitment From Prominent Globally-Positioned Public Relations & Advertising Firm Such As Edelman & Associates to coordinate, manage and promote Eternea’s Global Launch Event: The Global Census Project for STEs (GCP-STE), and to procure the sponsorships needed to fully fund this launch event, as well as the steps leading up to it as outlined in Stages 3 & 4.


With resources procured by Eternea’s Strategic Public Relations Partner (PRP, fund and organize the inaugural meeting of The Vanguard as explained in Eternea’s Global Launch Event document.


With resources procured by Eternea’s PRP, fund and organize the inaugural meeting of SynerGe as explained in Eternea’s Global Launch Event  document.


Implement Eternea’s Global Launch Event: The Global Census Project for STEs (GCP-STE)  funded, coordinated, promoted and managed by Eternea’s PRP. Thereafter, as resources permit, proceed with the planning and implementation of a much larger scale global event called Birth of a Onederful-World (BOW). For more details about BOW, please refer to Eternea’s Global Launch Event  project document.


With international media interests supporting the GCP-STE, it is hoped that the Global Launch event will succeed in bringing potentially tens of millions of new visitors to Eternea’s website to discover resources and to register their STEs. It is anticipated that the majority of these new visitors will be inspired by what they read, see and hear at eternea.org. Some may become motivated to support Eternea

The influx of new visitors to Eternea’s website as a result of this campaign, and the ongoing global publicity generated by it, should result in a significant increase in Eternea’s annual revenue and donations from these new visitors in one or more of the following ways:

  1. By making donations, major gifts, planned gifts and bequests;

  2. By becoming members who renew their memberships each year;

  3. By purchasing books, CDs, DVDs or other goods for sale on the website or through its Amazon.com links;

  4. By paying registration fees to attend online webinar series and other educational programs;

  5. By receipt of regular percentage of royalty payments donated to Eternea from authors who publish books based on STEER data, as well as on topics of related interest (To date, five authors have agreed to donate a portion of their royalties from the sale of forthcoming books, to include Allen Johnson; Virginia Hummel; Dr. Gary Schwartz, Eternea’s Chairman; Suzanne Giesemann, Chairman of Eternea’s Spiritualty Leadership Council; and Lesley Lupo, its Vice-Chairman); and

  6. Licensing royalties from future patents issued to Eternea which relate to technology or software it develops or from technology or software projects funded by Eternea.

It is not possible at this time to predict how much annual funding could be generated for Eternea from these sources, but we estimate it could be millions of dollars. We assume that funding will grow each year, as awareness of and support for Eternea’s programs gain momentum.

These income sources will be supplemented by occasional capital campaigns, grants, corporate sponsorships, special events and other forms of charitable support. Together, they should provide Eternea with the financial wherewithal to fully execute its mission and vision on an ongoing basis.

In time, Eternea will establish the Frontier Science Endowment Fund to pursue top priorities in research, education, outreach, transformation and technology development.

It all begins with the success of the GCP-STE launch event and, subsequently, BOW — all to help Eternea accomplish its mission and vision to serve as an effective catalyst for the co-creation of an optimal sustainable future for earth and all its inhabitants.

We encourage you to join others throughout the world who are passionately committed to Eternea as their mainstay strategy to bring greater abundance, love, harmony, unity and peace to humanity. Please give us whatever help and support you can today.

Thank you.

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