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About the Frontier Science Forum

MembMembership in the Frontier Science Forum is restricted to researchers, scientists, medical and healthcare professionals, academicians, scholars, and science writers worldwide.

Annual membership starts at $150 (USD) either as a one time donation or in monthly installments (e.g subscription). Any amount above the minimum would be greatly appreciated.

 Frontier Science Forum member benefits include:an>

  •  Access to the “Members Area" of the website
  •  Eternea’s quarterly scientific journal and news updates
  •  Call for recommendations on Eternea’s research priorities and funding guidelines
  •  Invitation to participate in peer review for research and education initiatives
  •  Invitation to participate in symposia or special events
  •  Exchange ideas and information on Message Boards and blogs

Members elect a President of the Frontier Science Forum who serves on Eternea’s Executive Council.

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About the Frontier Science Forum - Community Chapters

Individual members may come together to form Community Chapters of the Frontier Science Forum in their local communities and to organize activities such as:  interest and discussion groups around STEs, consciousness, or science and research topics; seminars or symposia; providing assistance in Eternea’s grant-making process by recommending research priorities and participating in peer-review of article submissions. They may also get involved with fund-raising events that raise awareness and support the work of Eternea.  And, they are welcome to join with Friends of Eternea in planning and implementing community service programs as part of Love in Action initiatives and Loving Each Other projects and training.

New Frontier Science Forum members will be notified about upcoming events in their area or be offered the opportunity to connect with people in their area or people who have similar interests via message boards online. If you are interested in organizing a Community Chapter in your area, please click here.