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Mediumship - Case Study

Session with Medium Laura Lynne Jackson

Laura Lynne Jackson is a certified medium from Commack, NY. Extremely psychic since childhood, she is a young mother of three who teaches high school English and works part-time as a medium, doing sessions over the telephone.

In a January 2011 session with Eternea’s Co-Founder  and CEO, John Audette, Laura brought through many messages from John’s late mother and father, as well as from other departed friends and family members, most of which were filled with highly specific information she could not possibly know from other than psychic sources. He had received several previous psychic readings and reported that the degree of detail and accuracy in Laura’s session were astounding, making him a believer for the first time in the legitimacy of mediumistic communications, at least by someone as gifted as Laura. Their session was scheduled for one hour, but went on for more than three hours. Laura and John had never met before. She knew nothing about him except his name.

Among the many private messages from departed loved ones, John’s mother told him she liked the two new pairs of shoes he had recently purchased.  While that might seem like an easy message to fake, in truth John had not purchased new shoes in quite some time, and it was unusual for him to buy two at once. Further, the sense of connection and comfort that such a simple statement provided him during his time of grief was said to bypass the head and enter his heart with profound healing.

Another message, said to be from John’s spirit guide, indicated that John would soon meet “a man,” later in 2011, who would become a lifelong partner in what his guide, through Laura, called a “reboot” of something very important to humanity—a project that John had attempted to do many years before that did not quite work out as he had hoped or planned. She said this “reboot” or “re-creation” would be highly successful, unlike the first attempt. She said it would quickly evolve into a major endeavor that would have significant global impact, positively affecting millions of people around the world and helping advance human civilization.

John eventually reasoned that Laura’s use of the word “reboot” was clearly in reference to IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death Studies (iands.org). John was a primary founder of IANDS in 1977, along with co-founders Raymond Moody, MD, PhD; Kenneth Ring, PhD; Bruce Greyson, MD; and Michael Sabom, MD. John was its first President and Executive Director. He ran the organization from 1977 to 1982, succeeded thereafter by Dr. Ken Ring.

IANDS did not evolve as quickly or in the exact way that John envisioned, although it has continued to be successful for many years. To celebrate a recent anniversary year, IANDS invited John to attend its annual conference in September 2011 and speak on a panel about the early history of IANDS.  Also attending the conference as keynote speaker was Eben Alexander, MD. Before his keynote, Eben attended the founders’ panel presentation and heard John make a comment during his remarks. John said, “I look forward to the day when our species can finally move beyond the question of whether there is life after death to focus instead on the greater question of what it means that all of us are in fact eternal beings.” This statement resonated deeply with Eben, so he introduced himself to John after the founder’s panel discussion.

During their time together at the conference, Eben and John discussed many things related to the evolution of IANDS and additional potential in the field. At one point, Eben emphatically said to John, “Well, my friend, it seems to me that it’s time for a reboot. I came back from the other side to do the work you are describing. Let’s work together to advance your original vision from 1977. It is my vision too.”

When Eben used the word “reboot” in his conversation with John, it became intuitively clear to John that Eben was indeed the “man” Laura Jackson predicted John would meet for the purpose of launching a “reboot” of something he had attempted years before that had not quite worked out the way he originally envisioned. What are the odds that the message brought through the medium Laura would use the same key word “reboot” that Eben chose for his conversation eight months later?  To John, this was not a mere coincidence, but an affirmation that he and Eben should work together.  Their “reboot” was an agreement then and there to collaborate in the creation Eternea, as predicted in Laura Jackson’s session.

Here is a description, from her website, of what Laura Jackson has learned from the other side:

In the course of her work, Laura Lynne Jackson has learned many things from the other side. Perhaps the most important is that we are spiritual beings in human form. The greatest power we possess is the power to love. It is this love that connects us all – from the Earth plane to the spiritual plane. Anyone we love is linked to us by unbreakable bonds that transcend time and space; love is the strongest bond that exists. Our loved ones who have crossed over to the spiritual plane are never lost to us – they are still around us…surrounding us and encouraging us to discover our life’s path and purpose, and grow to our full potential while here on Earth. Often times, they will send us signs to remind us that they are close by and that they love us. The other side tells Laura that there are no accidents. Each experience and each individual you cross paths with offers you an opportunity to learn and grow. You have the power to influence and change the world. Love is the force that can accomplish this. You may think you are just one small person on a big Earth, but your life has a purpose; there is a reason you are here…and it is always about learning to love and help each other grow.