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A Little About Eternea

The Question of the Ages

Eternea seeks to provide convincing scientific evidence that the continuity of consciousness beyond the body is real and that an enduring aspect of it is eternal just as our mystical, wisdom, spiritual and religious traditions have been claiming for millennia. The confirmation of these assertions are earth-shattering with astounding repercussions. One way Eternea seeks to validate this is by the study of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) . But there is also another more immediate reason for studying STEs:

Those who have who have had an STE return with their consciousness totally transformed with a greatly expanded world view. They are transformed from one who is materialistic and egocentric to one who is altruistic and humanistic in a very large sense. They are concerned about the welfare of all living creatures, of all the earth’s interacting systems and the impact those systems have on all life on the planet. If we can, through our research, develop effective technologies to give humanity the know-how to have an STE at will, then perhaps we can possibly change the consciousness of the planet. And do it in a very rapid fashion to insure a sustainable and optimal future for all.

Who We Are

Eternea's goal is to help create a better future for Earth and its inhabitants by validating and promoting an understanding of core statements  concerning the nature of reality, predicated on evidence from contemporary research in science and medicine . This research suggests that a core aspect of  consciousness exists beyond the brain, survives bodily death and continues eternally.

What We Do

Eternea sponsors research and education  about Spiritually Transformative Experiences  (STEs) and Non-Local Consciousness  (NLC). In order to improve the quality of life, Eternea undertakes practical projects in social action and community outreach  as well as convergence initiatives  to foster cooperation between science and spirituality. Eternea also offers tools and resources to facilitate a direct interactive experiential connection with STEs and NLC through various induction techniques and strategies . Eternea also provides free comprehensive internet resources for the general public and the scientific community, and offers additional resources  for its members.

Eternea's Goals

1) Sponsor robust scientific research to test, challenge and potentially reinforce the empirical validity of the core statements;

2) Implement creative educational and advertising campaigns globally to promote awareness and acceptance of the core statements;

3) Conduct outreach initiatives to improve quality of life such as LEO  and LIA;

4) Foster cooperation and collaboration between science, spirituality and religion;

5) Offer comprehensive online tools and resources for both the general public and the scientific communities; and

6) Provide techniques and strategies that facilitate an interactive and experiential connection  with STEs and NLC.

Our Founders

 Eben Alexander
Chief Science Officer

Eternea is a non-profit organization co-founded by Eben Alexander, M.D. and John R. Audette, M.S. The creation of Eternea was inspired in part by Dr.  Alexander's extraordinary Near-Death Experience.  His NDE is one of many different types of spirituality transformative experiences, most of which follow a common theme affirming universal oneness and the the power of unconditional love .

On our website, you will find a treasure chest of information that can transform the way you think of yourself, the world around you and reality in general. This information can literally transform your values, perceptions and priorities, as well as your beliefs about life's meaning and purpose.

John Audette, MS
President & CEO

To learn more about our founders...

Eternea, Inc.

Eternea Inc. is a publicly-supported, is a 501.c.3 and 509.a.1 publicly-supported, tax-exempt non-profit charity. Our Federal tax ID (FEIN) number is: 65-0547499. For more information on tax status click here

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