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Events Calendar

Date City State Title Speaker(s) Desc
1/1/2018 Online 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness (Online-Free) Self-guided online course on consciousness topics More Info
5/3/2019 Boone NC Living in a Mindful Universe Weekend Workshop at the Art of Living Center Eben Alexander and Karen Newell More Info
5/17/2019 Boone NC Awakening to Your Life Purpose- Discovering Your Life Plan at the Art of Living Center Rob Schwartz Weekend Workshop More Info
5/23/2019 Boston MA Entering the Mind Zone: 2019 BWH Neuroscience Conference Eben Alexander keynote among many More Info
5/30/2019 Sarasota FL Life Continues after Bodily Death Mark Pitstick keynote for Friendship Center More Info
6/5/2019 Broomfield CO Consilience: Developing the Foundation of a New Scientific Paradigm - SSE Conference Larry Dossey, Julie Beischel and many more More Info
6/7/2019 Scotts Valley CA From Grieving to Believing David Kessler, Paul Denniston & Maureen Hancock weekend workshop More Info
6/22/2019 Lima Peru Descubriendo to Plan de Vida Rob Schwartz weekend workshop More Info
6/28/2019 Plymouth NH National Dowsing Convention Eben Alexander, Karen Newell and more More Info
7/13/2019 Washington DC Working with your Spirit Guides Suzanne Giesemann workshop More Info
7/19/2019 Philadelphia PA Supporting Family After a Child Dies- Compassionate Friends Annual Conference David Kessler keynote and more More Info
7/26/2019 Rhinebeck NY Connecting with Loved Ones and Guides Across the Veil Suzanne Giesemann Weekend Workshop More Info
7/28/2019 Fairfax VA Proof of Heaven: NDEs and Consciousness Eben Alexander lecture More Info
8/16/2019 Montreal Quebec The Next Step Forward: On Earth as it is in Heaven - IIIHS 44th Annual Conference Eben Alexander, Karen Newell and many more More Info
8/24/2019 Santa Fe NM Living in a Mindful Universe: Insights into Consciousness - part of Transformation & Healing Conference Aug 21-25 Eben Alexander & Karen Newell all day workshop More Info
8/29/2019 Valley Forge PA Revolutionary Experiences: IANDS National Conference Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, Suzanne Giesemann, Bruce Greyson and many more More Info
8/30/2019 Scotts Valley CA Awakening to Your Life Purpose: Discovering Your Life Plan Rob Schwartz 3-day Weekend Workshop More Info
9/7/2019 Vancouver Canada Your Soul's Plan Rob Schwartz Eve Lecture and weekend workshop More Info
9/12/2019 Scottsdale AZ Soul Summit Conference George Noory, John Holland, Suzanne Giesemann and many more keynotes More Info
9/28/2019 Paris France Sante, Meditation et Conscience: Paris Symposium on NDEs, Health and Wellness Eben Alexander keynote plus many more More Info
9/29/2019 Paris France Becoming More Whole - two workshops for Sante Meditation et Conscience Eben Alexander & Karen Newell Workshops More Info
10/6/2019 Rhinebeck NY Specialized Audio Technology for Health & Wellness - Training Course Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, Anna Yusim More Info
10/18/2019 Warsaw Poland Discovering Your Life Plan Rob Schwartz workshop More Info
10/20/2019 Scotts Valley US Integrating Specialized Audio Technology into your Healthcare Practice Eben Alexander, Karen Newell & Anna Yusim Training Course More Info
11/2/2019 Madrid Spain Almas Valientes Rob Schwartz workshop More Info
11/9/2019 Bilbao Spain Almas Valientes Rob Schwartz workshop More Info
11/16/2019 Barcelona Spain Almas Valientes Rob Schwartz workshop More Info
11/17/2019 Fairfax VA Living in a Mindful Universe: Workshop Eben Alexander & Karen Newell Workshop More Info
11/29/2019 Stockbridge MA Awakening to Your Life Purpose Rob Schwartz workshop More Info
12/13/2019 Big Sur CA Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief David Kessler & Paul Denniston Workshop More Info
4/16/2020 Charleston SC Helping Parents Heal Conference Eben Alexander, Mary Neal, Raymond Moody, Karen Newell, JeffreyOlsen, Jeffrey O’Driscoll, Mark Pitstick, Suzanne Giesemann, Mark Anthony, and many more More Info