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Toward a New World View

Eternea promotes experimental and theoretical research which offer the promise of advancing an integrated description of reality inclusive of the significant role consciousness plays as a causative agent.

Why now and why the need for urgency? Modern civilization is now confronting some of the greatest challenges we have collectively had to face. Among them, to name only a few, are wholesale species extinction which threatens the web of life on the planet; unparalleled consumption of renewable and non-renewable resources; proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; corporate and political new world view malfeasance; depletion of energy resources; poverty and economic inequity; over-population; violence and war; bigotry and intolerance; inadequate health care and education; hunger; global warming, pollution and environmental degradation; etc. These are not isolated unrelated events. Growing evidence suggests that myriad misunderstood phenomena in nature, (be they physical, mental or spiritual), are better explained by a new framework that treats events in the world as interdependent components of an inseparable whole tied together by consciousness.

Eternea’s scientists believe civilization’s survival, evolution and best hope for a sustainable future are entirely dependent upon the emergence of a completely different worldview, one that properly addresses, in verifiable scientific terms, our collective relationship to each other, to the environment and to the universe.  

The overarching question they are focused upon is “How can a fundamental change in the dominant world view occur and be replaced by a higher level of thinking?” At the same time, throughout society as a whole, there is a hunger manifesting for a different way of being and a more lofty perspective that defines our place in the universe. Clearly, our current predicament in large measure results from a crisis in our collective thinking, or, as some would say, a crisis in consciousness.It was Albert Einstein who said “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it”. Eternea believes STE research offers the best hope we have to discover a new way of thinking, one that might lead to a better future.


A New Love Declaration

Watch Ervin Laszlo at TedX Talks and why a New Love Declaration is so desperately needed.