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An Important Message from the Leadership of Eternea

October 2015

To Our Members, Subscribers and Guests

From The Leadership Of Eternea:

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Chairman, Board of Directors

Eben Alexander, MD, Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, Chairman, Board of Governors

Suzanne Giesemann, MA, Chairman of Spirituality Leadership Council

Mark Pitstick, M.A., D.C., Director of Education

Virginia Hummel, Chairman of the Orb Encounters Committee

Jeffrey Long, MD, Chairman, STE Council

Kenneth Ring, PhD, Vice-Chairman, Board of Governors

John R. Audette, MS, President, CEO & Co-Founder

Together, we are sending this appeal to you because you are one of many special people who care deeply about our organization and its efforts to help assure an optimal future for earth and all its inhabitants.


  • A well-orchestrated global census could be conducted to determine how many people living in the world today have had a near-death experience or some other kind of life-changing spiritually transformative experience? Global Launch Event

  • All of these experiences could be digitally collected and archived into one master database or electronic archive that is easily and freely accessed for consideration by the public and for study by any scientist who wishes to conduct research in this area? STEER

  • The international media promoted and helped facilitate greatly enhanced scientific and public study of these experiences in this master database all across the world? Global Launch Event

  • The greatly enhanced scientific and public study of these first-hand direct accounts in the master database served to significantly reinforce the validity of Eternea's Core Statements in the court of scientific and public opinion, instilling greater confidence among the vast majority of human beings that the enduring eternal existence of individual consciousness is a reality, and that what one does to others during one's physical lifetime, one does to oneself? Core Statements

  • A Dr. Suess-style poem was published as a 4-color illustrated book and produced as a full length animated feature film that simplistically explains Eternea's Core Statements and its mission/vision to average people all over the world, promoting greater understanding and popular acceptance of its vision and central message to humanity? Introduction to Fred's Big Mistake

  • These combined efforts greatly helped to inspire and motivate humankind to collectively and concertedly change the world by co-creating an optimal sustainable future for earth and all its inhabitants?

  • You were to join thousands of other Eternea supporters by making a tax-deductible donation today to help make all of this come true in an expeditious manner? IRS Exemption Letter

  • You fully believe in this effort with total faith and commitment, and could fully fathom the enormous possibilities associated with this opportunity to impact and shape our future in many highly positive ways too far-reaching to describe?

Eternea - What's it all about?

Watch this short video by Suzanne Giesemann Chairman of Eterneas Spirituality Leadership Council

Watch Dr. Eben Alexander, III, Eternea's Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

Watch a video endorsement for Eternea by an acclaimed author Allen Johnson Jr.

Would you? Will you? Please do, for the sake of our future.

For all the good it can do, please join with us today. There's no time waste with the quality, direction and character of our future at stake.

Together, we can change the world for the better by making this effort. Together, we can change basic human nature by changing individual perceptions of reality, through the enhanced scientific study of spiritually transformative experiences, along with personal growth programs and other services, designed to help people achieve an evidence-based higher understanding of who we really are in the ultimate sense, and why we are actually here on this planet at this time undergoing the experience of being human.

If this appeals to you, then please read our website further to learn more. We hope to have the privilege of your active involvement.

Thank You for Your Support!

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Eternea is pleased to offer the following thank you gifts to our supporters. To find out more click here.
  • Things Learned During my NDE by Dr. Eben Alexander III (paper)
  • The Nine Lines of Evidence by Dr. Jeffrey Long (paper)
  • LIFE AFTER LIFE: Official Documentary with Dr. Raymond Moody produced and directed by Peter Shockey (video)
  • Bumbling Towards Nirvana - The Lighter Side of Enlightment by Allen Johnson Jr. (book)
  • Fred's Big Mistake -- One We All Make (poem)
  • NDE Historical Perspectives By John Audette (article)
  • Cracking The Grief Code - The Healing Power of After-Death Communication, Near Death Experiences, Orbs, Premonitions, Pre-Birth Contracts, Past Lives and Reincarnation by Virginia Hummel (book)
  • Dr. Eben Alexander's Special Address to supporters of Eternea entitled "The Science of Free Will and Spooky Action at a Distance" (video)
  • Dr. Mark Pitstick's wonderful book, audio and video entitled Soul Proof - What if you really knew?
  • Sacred Acoustics Heart Center 30 minute Guided Meditation (to achieve alpha state for deep meditation using Isochronic beats...best with headphones) (video / audio)
  • Plus more gifts (to be available soon) check back frequently